Shoes Type

Besides having the differences in sizes; colors; areas of coverage and some even shapes, shoe types in their designs also comes aplenty in different forms and patterns. Some of which, to be honest, would probably even sound alien to many, even to those in their lifetime with vast experiences handling and owning shoes and their makes.

Boat Shoes

You probably have seen one before, though I am not sure if u do know that it’s named a boat shoe. As the name suggest, a boat shoe is meant for wear on a boat. With design of a strong grip on the soles to prevent slips and a watertight material on the top to the shoes to prevent in slipping of water, this is the ideal shoe for a yacht trip anytime!

Russian boots

Yes, Russian boots are from Russia. You wearing them doesn’t make you a Russian though. These knee length boots are worn by women as part of a fashionable attire decades ago. It also comes with additional protection from the cold weather during winter time. This was made popular almost a century back in the early 20th century.


Sneakers are probably the most well known shoe type in the whole of universe. The history of sneakers dates all the wayback to the 19th century. Its original purpose was designed for athletics, surely that would explain the commanding presence in today’s sporting world. Sneakers of the day are prized assets, especially to younger people nowadays, whom are willing to part with hundreds of dollars for a simple pair of sneakers.


Clogs are shoes that are made entirely from wood. Shoes like this are rarely seen to be worn these days as they are more of a traditional wear that was used as a form of protection for their foot in the past. Though this is still worn by professional clog dancers today, where it is mandatory in order for them to produce the sounds of tapping during a dance, which happens to be the essence of a proper clog dancing.

Dress Shoes

Dress shoes are shoes that are worn by both men and women during formal events like ball room occasions, dinners or dance parties. For men, dress shoes are usually black in color and made of leather in material. For women, dress shoes comes in different variation of styles like slingbacks, pumps or even classier sandal-like designs that are compatible with formal dress clothing.

Monk Shoes

Have you ever heard of monk shoes? And no, they are not wore by monks. Monk shoes are men’s formal dress shoes that has no laces but instead are tightened and secured by multiple straps and metal buckle heads. Like the common dress shoes, they are made usually from leather as it’s main material.

Adidas Kampung

NO! Adidas Kampung shoes are not a series of new releases from the sports brand giant Adidas. In fact, on the contrary, they are cheap, black rubber shoes that are made usually in Malaysia and cost would usually cost a bomb like USD $2 for a pair. Adidas Kampung shoes are usually used by the locals for jungle trekking or mountain climbing activities. They were given the name of Adidas Kampung, or in plain translation ”Village Adidas” because of the strikingly similar designs it has on some of them, with the REAL DEAL Adidas shoes, and hence the lookalike nickname.

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