2020 is a year where shoes are hot property not just for the comfort of two feet; it soothes one insatiable thirst for personification of attitude in one’s attire to deflect into the outside world. The look of a pair; and the overall compatibility to one’s clothing or outfit seems to outweigh the initial seemingly essential basic needs of comfort; durability and price tags. The shoe making world has no doubt has its attention caught and target locked on. Selling shoes at a premium price is no longer the ab-norm. Consumers are all guns-out; cash-ready to spend good money on attractive looking shoes and fancy sneakers. Only question is, which brand wins their favor?


Undoubtedly, when it comes to the world of sporting related shoes or footwear, the reigning brand to many would be NIKE. For sure! Probably best known around the world for its famous tagline ”JUST DO IT!” that was launched for a ad campaign in the year 1988 and its infamous ”Swoosh” brand logo.

Nike shoes are famed for its quality with reference to the specific area or nature of sports it is made for. For example, using efficient technological advancement and the necessary equipment to make good springy basketball shoes with adequate cushioning. Or in the case of running shoes, exploring how to made shoes that are light-weight with good sufficient traction.

Besides its ability to produce good quality products, the brand is also fairly well equipped in it’s marketing prowess. With huge endorsements with major stars of the day in different the sporting arenas, NIKE is several steps ahead of many of its competitors in stamping its authority in their popularity and of course which translates into better performing sales numbers of their sporting products throughout the world.


Next on the line would be none other than the world renowned brand ADIDAS. With many famous sporting players all across the world, the likes of Lionel Messi; Paul Pogba; Alan Rogers to Kris Bryant, as part of it endorsement squadron of sporting elites. One could only phantom the extend of reach the giant sporting brand has over the sales of sports related shoes worldwide.

Not only is Adidas well known for making lightweight, ultra-comfy and versatile shoes, their shoes also come stylish and well ahead in time in terms of its trendiness and fashionable designs among its peers or fellow competing companies.

A little history of Adidas that many probably may not be aware of, ADIDAS is actually a German originated brand back in the days of year 1920’s. Even today, its headquarters are situated in Herzogenaurach, Germany, where the main transactions and operations are helm.


Yet another popular brand of shoes making company today. The Converse is possibly most famous for its Star insignia branding logo and it’s ALL STARS rubber sole with an uncanny rounded shoe tip that is probably most recognizable across most of it’s design of shoes. It is one of the better known brands in production and sales of casual shoes; skating shoes; sneakers; and even accessories and apparels in the later years.

The Converse is a true blue American company. It was founded in the year 1908 by its then founder, Mr Marquis Mills Converse. The company was then known as the Converse Rubber Shoe company. It began picking up on its fame only when it transited to the area of production and sales of basketball sneakers.

This popularity went even more so over the top, after Chuck Taylor, a famous America basketball player in the 1920’s, lent his name and reputation onto the face of the sporting shoes brand. In fact, it was also known to many as the Chuck Taylor’s shoes. This boost in reputation made a significant step in propelling The Converse branding into what it is today in the world of shoes making.

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