Shoes are footwear that are designed with a purpose in mind of protecting the feet for a user. It’s predominantly used when one is out travelling, where the protection comes into its full intention/purpose against the sweltering heat off the concrete floor; the rough and coarse edges of the black tar when one is crossing the road; or it may be the small hidden rocks and stones that are among the grass patches we cross. Just imagine having to walk through all the above mentioned without shoes on; barefooted, it would have been the most unimaginable experience.

That said, here we are in the year 2020, nobody would probably walk the way described with no shoes on, unless circumstances doesn’t allow one to own a pair of shoes of course. All in all, shoes has become a necessity in our lives that we probably would never get used to leaving the house without a pair on. But of course, there are also other people whom exalts shoes for a totally different reason. The younger generation especially, see trending shoes perhaps like how generally women sees facial treatment ; something that is potentially vital in aiding to compliment their overall attire/outlook or dressing persona or if they are looking to make any sort of a fashion statement.

Why ”Shoes find outlet” then? No, we are not selling any products here. We are simply just a bunch of shoes lovers that came together and decide to write up a web site in hope of sharing with more people about the passion we have with our shoes. I was particularly inspired off a staycation Singapore trip I had in June 2019 when I was out hanging with people of a younger generation than I was. That swagger and pride they had of their trendy bright sneakers was deep etching on my mind. This really set off a personal journey for me to dive deeper in looking through history or stories behind every unique design of shoes I come across. Time past and enough said, here we are having set up this nice looking site, where we look upon ourselves as an ”OUTLET” for which like-minded people can gather and have a great time relaxing and browsing through what we have here both in images and content of something that we all love: shoes.


When you do really loves shoes like we do, you would probably think that buying new shoes are our all-time favorite past time right? Well, you can’t be more wrong than that. In fact, if you are a true blue shoe lover like we are, you will find one thousand and one ways in maintaining your prized assets; to protect them; and if possible, to hug them to sleep.

Engaging cleaning services in Singapore is real easy, one is probably just a few clicks of your mouse away from getting professional cleaning services done. However, we probably would not required such a major work if we are talking about just cleaning shoes. If fact with our experience in experimenting with many cleaning exploits, we find that commonly accessed solutions are all we need for cleaning and maintaining the prized assets that we have.

For the record, we have had gotten our leather made shoes extremely squeaky clean using just only vinegar; baking soda and water. We have also used nail polished solutions and even bleach (diluted though!) on some cleaning and polishing ”missions” we had on our very own precious sneakers!

Having said the above, we have very much decided to only touching lightly on this topic and not go into details as we have, on advice, noted that every shoe has its own withstanding power. Just like getting a spot-on pest control in Singapore for clearing up, say a cockroach infestation that you may be facing, the particular shoe brand; or model; or even by the year it was manufactured in, may have its very own ”nemesis” in particular, for clearing up any tough stains or a rough spot. Hence it is still best advised to have it checked out with the supply chain; the specific brand’s CS division for a more detailed; accurate advice and assistance should you require one.